Hi! The name's Fream!
I do things for gamersupps
& that's pretty cool I guess
Vtuber Wednesdays & Saturdays

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Please be mindful that commissions are not all that I have going on.
I work full-time in the design & e-sport industry + try to be a streamer lol.

last updated: September 27th @ 12pm CST


comms are usually always open. feel free to message me!

── ✦ ──all caught up ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ── ✦ ──


this is more for me to track everything on this page

Project I. ➜ G.Sketching Phase #3
Project I. ➜ V.Concept 1 - Mocking
Project M. ➜ P.D.Slides 1-5
Project M. ➜ G.G.Edits

Creator x Waifu Cup Collab Graphics

Responsible for a complete graphics package. Here's a few from the sets. Usually have everything for twitter, Instagram, banners, etc. So

Waifu Cup x Swagger Souls Water Jug

Had the honor to work with Swagger Souls on his new gamer supps water jug!

Season 4 End of Season Waifu Cups Desk Mat

Season 4 End of Season Double Sided Tote Bag

Generic Gamer Supps Social Graphics Template

Generic templated social and partner graphics to distribute as needed

MISC Social Media Graphics for Creators

some social media graphics for creators!

Twitch Graphics

Emotes, Sub Badges, Graphics, oh my!
Please note that they are intentionally lower quality to avoid art theft.


I was Tectone's original emote artist.
I've done well over 250+ emotes over the years.

Eggy-Chan Design


Kirby twitch emotes, her sub badges + flairs & animated emote!
Also worked on her cosplay contest graphics! (everything can be found here


Some twitch emotes for mr loud degen.

Starforge Systems

cute little dudley emotes + a simple sub badge

his official design & the little sitting dude on Starforge's Lunarian PC!


Twitch Emotes & Sub Badges for Maaz!

Jay the Bard

Bear emotes + bird emotes for his friend!

Scarlett Kat

Some static and animated emotes for Scalett!!

OTK Network

Some crownie emotes + a simple sub badge / channel point.

Rich W Campbell

lil moustache whales created as part of his noodle shop run

Misc Emotes for Clients

some emotes I had the pleasure to make for a variety of streamers! :D

Noodle Shop Podcast

I was the Creative Lead for the Noodle Shop Anime Podcast. I was responsible for all the illustration, design, motion graphics, and merchandise during its run.

Logo Design & Animation

Keychain Mockups

Spoiler Alert Motion Graphic

Series of Backgrounds + Animated Lofi Variant


While at OTK I've overlooked many projects as the project manager and lead designer. Here are some of the ones that I directly contributed with in terms of designing.

Sodapoppin's Trash Talk

Created the logo, illustrations, & mood boards for the project! Also helped with leading the project from start to production. We had 2 different variations. Trash Talk & Trash Talk IRL.

Shareholders Meeting

Main graphics + animated twitch assets (starting soon, BRB & thanks for watching screens!) Lead the design team from the start to the end of the project.

Steak & Eggs Podcast

Designed the logo & helped lead OTK's anime and game podcast "Steak & Eggs" Featuring Asmongold, Emiru, and Tectone.

Rapid Dash

Project that is currently in development but I was tasked with the creation and conceptualizing of Rapid Dash!

Mad Mushroom Logo

Logo design and style guide for Mad Mushroom!

Final Fantasy Cosplay Contest Stream Loop

Mythic Talent

Designed the signature "M" Mythic Emblem and mythic emails.

Youtube Thumbnails

A variety of thumbnails created for the YouTuber Tectone! Among us Thumbnails are fully illustrated and often feature other content creators like Nuxtaku, Corpse Husband, Jaiden Animations, etc

Recent Work

Some more recent stuff I've done!

Games Done Quick Social Posts

Some of the many posts I've made to help promote Games Done Quick! I would draw these as speedrunners would run their games.

Misc. Illustration

Some illustrations that I've done for clients, made as gifts or for personal work.

WaifuBait Stickers

A few of the many stickers designed for Waifubait.Moe!


Yo! I'm Fream! I'm a demon overlord of the junk food netherworld.
By day I work a full-time job but during my spare time, I'm often found causing mischief all over social media. Catch me live on Twitch every Wednesday @ 7pm + Saturdays @ 4pm CST! Be sure to follow to be notified!
Professionally speaking: I'm a full-time creative lead @ gamer supps (use code fream for a 10% discount hehe). I proudly have 2 degrees and have over a decade of experience in the digital field. I'm a full stack web dev who keeps getting design gigs because I didn't want to hire a designer to do front end while I was in college. Life is crazy like that KEKW.


  • Pretzels

  • Cats & Possums

  • Communication

  • Video Games

  • Manga & Anime

  • 1/4 Bunny Girls


  • Peanut Butter

  • Inefficiency

  • Lack of Communication

  • Large Crowds

  • Lakes, Oceans, & Pools

  • Single Ply Toiler Paper

Want to work with me?
💼 ➜ fream@msm.gg

I've got quite the wardrobe as well!
Feel free to doodle whatever you want!
Feel free to mix & match with hairstyles!

Here's my full set of hairstyles!

Accessories & alt pieces of clothing

Expression Examples!


WALLPAPER SIZED! Yes, you can use it!! :D

Animated Wallpapers! Feel free to use!


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Contact me and I can answer!

♦ Who made your models?

Character Design ➜ Myself
Live2D Model Art + Rigging ➜ Kiruse
Live2D Facial Rigging ➜ Rigger Mortis
3D Model + MMD + VRC Model➜ ArtemizComs
Chibi Model ➜ CthulhuLel ┊ Rigging ➜ BunChata

♦ What's your streaming schedule?

Wednesdays @ 7pm & Saturdays @ 4pm CST!

♦ Your commissions are closed but I want YOU!

Send me a dm or an email!
I'll often take on commissions even if they're closed.
Don't hesitate to reach out and I'll be able to help you out even if I'm not available by recommending another artist friend of mine.

♦ What software do you use?

Clip Studio Paint on iPad (Drawing)
Photoshop CC (Ui/Ux & Design)
Figma (Ui/Ux & Design)
After Effects CC (Motion Graphics)
Premiere Pro (Video Editing)
PureRef (MoodBoarding)
VtubeStudio (2D Model)
VBridger (Enhanced Facial Tracking)
StreamElements OBS (Streaming Software)

♦ What hardware do you use?

Drawing ➜ iPad Pro 2018 12.9" + Apple Pen 2nd Gen
PC ➜ Ironside PC! Use Code Fream for a 5% discount!
Keyboard ➜ ASUS ROG Evangelion Collaboration
Mouse ➜ Razer Viper Ultimate
Microphone ➜ Elgato Wave XLR
Headset ➜ Apple Airpod Max's
Audio Mixer ➜ Elgato XLR
Shortcuts ➜ Elgato Stream Deck XL & Elgato Stream Deck+

♦ Am I allowed to use your art?

Personally? Yes!
Please credit me appropriately with linking back to my website.
Commercially? No!
If you'd like to use any of my work for profit (Such as Twitch Emotes, Sub Badges, etc). Please contact me and we can work out a price! Most of what's on my website is a commission.

♦ How do you survive with all you do?

No cap, Gamer Supps!
Use code Fream for a discount!
They're good friends of mine & their product helps me with my brain fog and focus. I can't recommend them enough! + they helped me with affording my model upgrades!!!

Commission Process Questions?

Terms & Conditions

By commissioning me, you agree to the following.

♦ Refund Policy

I'll refund you if I HAVE NOT started the commission yet.
Please message me ASAP if you'd like to be refunded.
Paypal Service Fee's will not be refunded if there are any!

♦ Process Of Commissions

1. COMMISSION DETAILS ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Gathering details on what you would like for your commission(s). Please provide references and/or anything else that may help me illustrate / design what you would like done!
2. PAYMENT ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Once I've accepted your commission, I will send an invoice. I will only start on your commission AFTER I receive payment.
3. SKETCH PHASE ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
I'll send you a sketch of your commission.
This is the time to request any major changes with the piece.
4. FINALIZATION ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Once the commission is done you will be asked if you'd like any minor adjustments. Such as color adjustments, accessories, etc. If you would like anything drastically changed, it will cost extra.
5. DELIVERY ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
I'll send your commission to where we've been communicating. With a backup link in case you ever happen to lose your commission files.

♦ How long will it take?

After I receive payment, it will take anywhere between 3-14 days depending on the commission type. Sometimes I will be able to get commissions done earlier but it ultimately depends on how busy I am. I do work a full-time job.Please do not rush me. I'm working as fast as I can to meet all commissions that I accept. It's alright to message me asking how it's going if you haven't heard from me in a couple of days, but please don't message me hourly.

♦ Commercial Use

If you're a content creator: Yes you can use your commission commercially. Feel free to use it for merch, revenue off of your streams (emotes, sub badges), youtube videos, etc. The world is your oyster.
If you're a brand or business: Please reach out to me. I'm more than happy to work with you but depending on what my artwork will be used for. There may be additional fee's or a royalty.
If you are unsure what you are: Just reach out! I'm friendly and understanding and I will be happy to clarify :D


You can request the following at no extra cost! Please let me know before payment if you'd like any of the following: Isolated Sketch PNG
Isolated Lineart PNG
PSD or CSP Layered Files
Sub Badge Version of your Emote(s)
Emote version of your non-emote commission(s)


I like to share the art that I make with my community! Therefore I may post WIP's or completed versions of your commission on my social media like Discord, Ko-Fi, Patreon, and Twitter. I may also use your commission(s) as a potential example of my work in my portfolio. If you would like me to not do so. Please let me know ahead of time.

Aethel Contest Graphic + Animation

Emiru Cosplay Contest

Worked with Emiru to get her cosplay contest graphics done

Grinding Coffee Co.

Working beside SaltyJub (the artist) to create labels
for the Grinding Coffee Co. Brand. + simulated product photos for the website.

Misc logo Designs

Logo designs done for a variety of clients!

Vocaloid App Ui

Test mockup of a Vocaloid exclusive song app.

Warframe Ability Icons

These icons are designed to signify the warframe's abilities. I've been fortunate to work on the ability icons for Sevagoth / Reaper, Grendel, Wukong, Gauss, Wisp, Vauban, Ember and Protea.

Warframe Glyphs

Glyphs are the player's icon/avatars in-game. Often used as rewards for players or purchasable through the in-game store.

Nightwave Act Icons

These icons are used for Daily, Weekly and Elite Weekly acts.

Misc Syndicate Icons

Helped with the faction levels for the Quills and Necraloid

Contact Me!

I'm also available via Twitter DM's!

I'm always interested in working on new projects! Please reach out!

💼 ➜ fream@msm.gg

Espionage Cosmetics

I was a lead graphic designer, illustrator & web developer during the 3 years I worked at Espionage Cosmetics. I was a remote contract worker who was responsible to design a vast majority of graphics and products. I worked on Nexus, Boom!Box and on regular EC graphics.

Nail Wrap Products

Here are some of the designs I've done for their products! I've been fortunate enough to have designed lots of best sellers and subscription exclusive designs!

Compact Cartridge

Replica Nintendo cartridges that were transformed into compacts. You could mix and match a variety of lip glosses and eye shadows. I was responsible with illustrating the labels and for photo manipulating the images to look real. I also created the product eyeshadow images.

Nexus Logo

They launched Nexus while I started working there. I was fortunate to be trusted with the logo design.

Nexus Themes

Some of the monthly themes for the nail wrap subscription service. Often a hint to what the nail wraps for that month would be.

Illustrative Frames

These were used for various social media posts and print-outs.

Promotional Material

Her Universe Fashion Show flyers and misc promo material

Label Stickers for Subscription Packages

Misc. Products

Some products designed for Boom!Box. The other subscription service they offered. It was similar to loot box.